Did you miss the VectorVest Q&A on Saturday?

The Q&A sessions are a great way to learn and ask as many questions you want on getting the most out of VectorVest.  Some of the key areas covered included:

  • A gold Portfolio that has some impressive returns since 2007 – but this portfolio has a very interesting set of BackTesting parameters! Check out the Q&A to find out more.
  • Covered the Australia Market and the US Market for Marketing timing and the short term outlook using VectorVest
  • The impact of lower interest rates on the Australia market – we went into a bit of detail
  • Noted the upcoming live free events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – don’t miss out!
  • Noted how to setup alerts for your Portfolios in VectorVest
  • Covered one of our favourite UniSearches for finding Covered Calls – for both the US market and Australia.
  • The Power of Relative Safety (RS) and Comfort Index (CI) – went through some of the most recent high CI and RS stocks

CLICK HERE to get the recording!