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Spend thirty days discovering VectorVest’s unique simplicity, automation and guidance at your own pace. Explore deeply, or just learn how it could help you trade smarter in as little as 10 minutes a day. After trial pricing: $59 USD/month.

New users can join for ONLY $9.95 USD – Risk Free 30-Day Trial!

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$59 USD/month
Data Updates
End of Day
Successful Investing Coaching Group
Live coaching group designed to help you get the most out of VectorVest and grow your portfolio.
Stock Analysis & Ratings
Value, Safety and Timing + Buy, Sell, Hold Recommendations generated from fundamental and technical analysis.
Daily Stock Picks
Every day our VectorVest experts’ hand-select and showcase hot stocks for you to consider.
Market Timing
Guidance on daily market conditions and long-term upward or downward momentum tell you when to buy or sell.
Screeners & Watchlists
Find tomorrow’s winners today with our powerful stock market screeners. We have pre-set screens for every investment type.
Trading Plans
Time tested and proven investing strategies that tell you what to do and when for consistent results.
Successful Investing Quick Start Course
Learn five simple steps to becoming a smarter and more successful investor.
Free Education Courses
Popular free courses for any investor looking to generate consistent returns and explore new trading strategies.
Worldwide Market Analysis
VectorVest’s full analysis of all exchanges in United States, Canada, Australia & Europe.
Phone Support
Free U.S. based live support to help you trade confidently and realize consistent results.
Weekly QA Sessions
Live coaching group designed to help you get the most out of VectorVest and grow your portfolio.
Feature $59 USD/mo
Data Updates End of Day
Coaching Group Membership Live weekly coaching to maximize results.
Stock Analysis & Ratings Buy, Sell, Hold Recommendations.
Daily Stock Picks VectorVest experts’ hand-select hot stocks to watch.
Market Timing Market guidance on when to buy or sell.
Screeners & Watchlists Get our highest rated stock picks.
Trading Plans Plans that tell you exactly what to trade and when to trade.
Successful Investor Quick Start Course 5 Steps to more successful investing.
Free Education Courses Popular free courses for any investor.
Worldwide Market Analysis U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K. & Europe.
Phone Support Free U.S. based live support.
Weekly QA Sessions Live coaching group designed to help you get the most out of VectorVest and grow your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m signing up for the trial but not being allowed to proceed?2024-01-05T17:12:37+00:00

If you already have a VectorVest account, please sign in here. Trial pricing is only available once per customer, so subsequent sign-ups are at the standard price. For login assistance, contact [email protected].

What is VectorVest?2024-01-05T17:13:08+00:00

VectorVest is a powerful stock analysis and portfolio management system that utilizes advanced algorithms and market data to help investors make informed decisions. It works by analyzing thousands of stocks and providing clear buy, sell, or hold signals based on its proprietary indicators. VectorVest also offers comprehensive market timing tools, trend analysis, and in-depth stock reports to assist investors in identifying lucrative opportunities.

With its user-friendly interface and educational resources, VectorVest empowers users of all experience levels to navigate the stock market with confidence and increase their chances of achieving long-term financial success.

For more information, visit our website or watch our quick start course.

What’s included in the 30-day trial offer?2024-01-05T18:40:45+00:00

The $9.95 USD (USD) trial offer includes the full VectorVest feature set for your chosen plan. For example, the Premium plan includes:

  • Daily data updates
  • Unlimited, world-class analysis of over 18,000 stocks & ETFs worldwide
  • Accurate market timing signals and guidance
  • Clear Buy, Sell or Hold ratings on every stock, every day
  • Automatic rank analysis of your stocks in a VectorVest WatchList
  • Access to 5 International markets: United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Europe (EU), & United Kingdom (UK)
  • Quick start guide
  • FREE one-to-one coaching session with one of our experts

All plans are eligible for the $9.95 USD (USD) trial offer, but will be renewed at the regular price unless canceled beforehand.

Why don’t you offer a free trial?2024-01-05T18:39:54+00:00

While we would love to offer a free trial, our priority is ensuring success for every user, including trial customers. This includes excellent U.S.-based customer service (based in North Carolina) and a complimentary one-to-one coaching session with our experts. We believe the $9.95 USD (USD) offer provides exceptional value, while helping to offset some of these costs of servicing new customers and maintain our high level of service.

What happens after 30 days?2024-01-05T17:23:31+00:00

After 30 days your subscription will be automatically renewed at the standard pricing for your chosen plan, unless canceled beforehand. This is to ensure there is no interruption in these key trading services. Full details of ongoing charges will be displayed during the sign-up process, before you confirm. To avoid ongoing charges, cancel within 30 days through phone, email, or live chat. Rest assured, we make the cancellation process easy.

How do I cancel?2024-01-05T17:23:57+00:00

Cancel anytime before your next billing date, through phone, email, or live chat, to avoid further charges. Rest assured, we make the cancellation process easy.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?2024-01-05T17:24:21+00:00

We believe VectorVest will impress you with its potential to deliver an outstanding return on investment. However, if for any reason you don’t love VectorVest, contact us and we will happily and promptly refund the cost of your trial.

What will you do with my email address?2024-01-05T17:24:42+00:00

When you sign up, we’ll automatically send you educational emails to help you succeed on our platform. You can unsubscribe from these emails anytime. We will never share your information.

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See what users are saying about VectorVest.


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