Thanks to everyone who attended the Q&A session.

We covered some great topics on the day including:

  • Market timing for both Australia and the US Market.
  • We looked at the ASX 200 indexes and showed you how our top 10 ASX stocks returned 19% since 9 January this year.
  • Noted the 4 Steady Dividend Payers Portfolio – these 4 stocks are rocketing along returning in excess of 4% fully grossed up dividends each year along with over 15% capital growth on average.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance… but these stocks make for some compelling statistics in recent years.
  • Showed how the Top 4 Earnings stocks identified in October 2018, which we kept our subscribers informed of and when the market  turned on  9 January… wait until you see how they performed!  We showed the evolution of how this unfolded and how we documented it all months prior as our subscribers can attest to per our weekly essay on 19 October 2018 and 11 January 2019.
  • Looked at some of the key medical marijuana stocks for Australia and Canada – some very interesting as a result of the great questions put forward.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the questions on this.
  • Benchmark some of the big household names such and CLS.AX, BHP.AX   I threw in A2M.AX into the mix too just to create some perspective!
  • Went through some of our key model portfolios – with some stocks in these portfolios up significantly since the market turn as of 9 January.  Did you see NEA.AX per the growth portfolio picked up on 11 January 2019

For our non subscribers, I have created a bit of a sneak peek video for you on the types of information covered in our Q&A sessions:

CLICK HERE to a small section of what we covered on 9 January.

For our subscribers, CLICK HERE to see the full Q&A session!