Hi everyone,

I put a post up on Facebook yesterday in regards to finding fast moving stocks with strong fundamentals.

This is a technique that I often use – I am interested in a good quality stock rising in price.  I want to benefit in the short term – but want to ensure I am picking up not only a fast moving stock – but a stock with strong fundamentals to backup the price movement.  Perhaps you have an established portfolio but from time to time you want to add in a good quality stock that is moving in the direction you want it to be moving!  I would only look to use this technique in a rising market – so I would check with the market timing graph – and ensure there is either a confirmed up in place or that there is a GLB/RT Kicker or DEW signal.  Often the most explosive stage of the market is the first GLB/RT Kicker timing signal that follows a confirmed down – or the first day or two following the confirmed up signal or DEW.  I like to get in early on the first wave up in the market.

Have a look at this quick demonstration – using Relative Timing (RT) and VST.  It is a simple technique that brings the best stocks moving up in price – in just a few clicks of the mouse!

CLICK HERE to see the video