Written by: Robert and Russell Markham

The run in the market this year has been fantastic! As of 22nd July, we are 203 days into the year. So, what have been the top performing stocks over the last 200+ days that were not penny stocks at the start of the year and have surged up well in price? Let’s get VectorVest to do this work for us in seconds.

Click on the UniSearch tab and then, to the left of the page, click on the group called Delta Searches – Stocks. Click on the 200-Day Price Delta (the 5th search down) search. The search is finding the greatest price change (Delta) that has taken place in the last 200 days (and sorted by descending order). I want to add in one more parameter, I want to set the search such that the stocks are at least $1.00 or higher. Click on the blank Parameter box, select Stocks, Price/Volume and then select Price – (Split Adjusted). Click in the Operator box and select >=. Click on the Value box and select Custom Value and then type in 1.00. This will now ensure as of current date that the stocks are at least $1.00 or higher.

Next step, click on the dropdown menu to the right of Top and select 100. Click on Run Search. Then click on the QuickTest All button just per the top of the screen. A QuickTest box will pop up. On that, we are going to assign date values. In the box, click on the date box and set the start date to be 2 January 2019 and the end date to 22 July 2019. Click on OK and then click on Run Test. This will now show you all the top performing stocks since the start of the year at the top of the list, where the current price is greater than or equal to $1.00. There are some impressive returns in this list! But what I want to do is to identify the stocks that were greater than or equal to $1.00 to begin with back on 2 January and are still greater than or equal to $1.00. To do this, click on Total ARR (annualised rate of return) and this will sort the stocks by Total ARR in descending order. Then all I am going to do is run my eye down the Begin Price column and note the top 5 stocks where the beginning price was greater than or equal to $1.00 at the start of the year:

The top 5 stocks I get is as follows:



Some significant returns in those stocks! ZIP.AX is up over 177% for the year, followed by CIA.AX up over 166%, PME.AX up over 160%, JIN.AX up over 159% and MFG.AX up 149%.

And there you have it, a quick way to find stocks greater or equal to $1 since the start of the year that have performed the best.