Becoming a Successful SMSF Wealth Creator – Sneak Peek


Do you manage your own money privately and/or through a  Self-Managed Super Fund? Do you want to gain the confidence and be given the tools to succeed in the market?

How about being able to have several trading plans that have proven themselves over the years that take less than 10 minutes a day to consider following?  Portfolios not only for Australia but for the US market too!

That is why I am conducting a Sneak Peek to an upcoming course in this upcoming webcast.  Just by attending this free webcast alone, you will learn so much including:

  • The importance of setting up your trading plan.
  • The amazing US Worry-Free Portfolio which has annualized over 35% a year since 1996 to present! Fewer than 9 trades a year on average.
  • The Australian Worry-Free Top Earners portfolio, applying prudent management & stock selection, annualizing over 25% a year since 2007 with less than 1 trade a month on average.
  • I will touch on 2 powerful swing trading techniques for short term explosive returns.
  • Provide the way forward, putting this all into a trading plan to cater for conservative through to the adventurous investor!

At the end of the webcast, I will invite you to join the full course for those wanting to learn even more.

Attend the webcast and see the power of what VectorVest can do you for you!

We are running this webcast this Saturday the 27th of June at 10am Sydney time and again on Wednesday 1 July and 7pm Sydney time.

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