What a great webcast it was on the 24th of June!

We covered some great topics, including:

  • Overview of Market Timing for both the Australia and US Markets
  • Covered which Oil and Gas stocks are currently performing?
  • How are the banks tracking—a great technique was covered
  • Dividend Aristocrats for Australia! We checked in on the new WatchList!
  • 10 Key Resources—a great list of key resources for you to be aware of
  • Checked in on the explosive high performing portfolios in the US and Australia currently

All of this and a lot more… answering all you questions. Don’t miss the replay for this Q&A!

To review the recorded presentation, click or tap here.

If you have further questions about this strategy or the information provided in the webcast, please give us a call. Our VectorVest Consultants are ready to help you make money with VectorVest. You can reach us toll-free at 1800 303 782.


For those of you who missed the 10 June webcast Q&A session, please CLICK HERE to see this webcast.