Did you miss the webcast on Saturday?

We covered some brilliant material.  We covered a lot of conservative strategies right through to some more aggressive investing styles.

CLICK HERE to get access to the recording.

Plenty of great material on the day!  Some of the areas covered included:

  • Market timing both for the US and AU Markets…  some very telling indicators covered (we have just gone into a Confirmed Down (C/Dn) in our market timing indicator as of time of writing).
  • Covered the Key Model Portfolios – the YTD returns for the Growth Portfolio has been phenomenal!
  • How do you follow a given portfolio – steps shown to set this up and get the alerts sent to you so you know when to buy, what to buy and when to sell
  • How to optimise the column layout in portfolios to get some of the key indicators like dividends and Dividend Safety scores
  • How do we get a Neutral signal in the GLB/RT Kicker Timing system – answered in the webcast
  • Covered some key Bottom Fishing strategies including a bottom fishing search on the ASX 200 stocks.
  • Covered the “Buy Hold and Hope Investing?” essay – plenty of food for thought
  • The Power of the UniSearch:  Best Stocks <$3
  • Covered Jumbo Interactive – the power of UniSearch to pick up explosive stocks
  • RIO Tinto – one very special search identified RIO out of all the 2,000 plus stocks we cover…
  • Best of the Biggies – demonstrated 12% returns over the last 5 months using the big household named stocks.
  • Demonstrated Chappell’s champs – what a performer!
  • LICs – how they are stacking up relative to the Top VST Stocks in VectorVest