The dividend payout ratio measures the percentage of net income a company pays to its shareholders in dividends versus how much the company retains for growth. The amount that is retained is called retained earnings.

On January 17, 2018, Jim Penna demonstrated a great way to find dividend paying stocks whose earnings yield exceeds their dividend yield as an indication of sustainable dividend performance.

Custom Field Builder

VectorVest 7 allows users to build custom indicators, and the video below takes you through each step so you can properly set up the dividend payout ratio and incorporate it into your searches and sorts.

Using the custom field builder is another example of how easy it is to express and try your ideas in the VectorVest system.

To view the video full screen on a desktop or laptop computer, hover your mouse over the video, then click on the full screen icon to the far right. To minimize, press the esc key on your keyboard.


Want to build your own custom fields to find great dividend payouts? Try VectorVest to see how easy it can be!