21 07, 2016

Recent Training videos

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Hi everyone, I am heading off to Hong Kong and Singapore tomorrow to demonstrate and train on VectorVest Hong Kong and VectorVest Singapore.  Here's the secret - once you understand how to use VectorVest Australia - you are effectively an expert in all 9 of our countries that we track.  How is that?  Well, the [...]

27 05, 2016

Lithium Stocks – A closer look

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Hello everyone, Lithium stocks have been on the radar in recent month - and for good reason.  Some of the returns have been nothing short of spectacular.  However, a closer inspection of these stocks revealed that all but one as of today's date are penny stocks.  However, there is money to be made  for the [...]

18 05, 2016

Benchmarking the Worry Free Investing Portfolio

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Hello everyone, We have had a fair bit of interest in the worry free investing portfolio in recent weeks (as found in the portfolios tab of VectorVest 7 for Australia).  There have been a few questions about how the worry free investing portfolio has stacked up over certain time periods. This got me looking into the [...]

19 03, 2015

Why Less Can Impress

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Ever heard the expression, less is more? Funnily enough, it’s applicable even to something like  trading the share market. Traders often find themselves chasing after complicated strategies that are more effort than they are worth, usually at the hand of a friend or an “expert” in the financial media. When it doesn’t work, it’s usually [...]

1 03, 2015

Your Feelings are Killing Your Profits – The Fix is Easier Than You Think

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How much impact does the news, and the emotion-driven decisions it causes, have on the stock market's long-term growth? Or more importantly, the growth of your own retirement portfolio? It seems that no matter what stumbling block the market may encounter, it always manages to bounce back (eventually), which is why many professional advisors would [...]

2 02, 2015

Does this Rally point the way for the rest of 2015?

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After an indifferent 2014 and a slow start to 2015, the market is currently experiencing one of its strongest breakouts since July 2013.  Is the rally which started about mid-January set to continue in the short term, and the question we are all asking is:  what can we expect from the Australian share market for [...]

19 10, 2014

An Investor’s Battle Plan for Winning the War Against Fear and Greed

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More than the high frequency traders, market makers, know-it-all analysts and hyped-up gurus, our biggest enemy as investors is ourselves. Navigating the emotional battleground of fear and greed is perhaps only surpassed by surviving puberty. Oh, what fun. But just as we managed to leave our high-strung teenage selves in the past, we can also [...]

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