ROckEver heard the expression, less is more? Funnily enough, it’s applicable even to something like  trading the share market.

Traders often find themselves chasing after complicated strategies that are more effort than they are worth, usually at the hand of a friend or an “expert” in the financial media. When it doesn’t work, it’s usually placed in the too hard basket. Rest assured, there is a better way.

Wall Street has been teaching investors to buy stocks that are going down in price; sounds logical right? But what if you bought stocks on the way up? This isn’t a left of field notion; rising stocks are already doing what you want them to do. Don’t fight gravity, it has the law on its side.

Equally as important to every investor is the need to figure out what their stocks are really worth, how safe they are and when to buy, sell or hold. If you have a tool like VectorVest, there’s nothing to figure out, we make it easy. Our core indicators will tell you what you need to know with one quick glance by crunching the numbers on dozens of fundamental and technical factors to give you the end result—information you can instantly understand and act on.

While nothing this side of a miracle can make every trade a winner, we’ve found that buying safe, undervalued stocks that are rising in price delivers better odds, increased probability and decreased risk.

Hold onto that towel and start using proven tools to beat the market.