Hi user group leaders and user group members,

It has been an interesting few days since the last update (if you want to see the previous update, click here for the previous update).

As of 19 September, the results stand as follows:




Melbourne (Alan McKay’s Team) and Richard Savage (the team at Gosford) are battling it out for first place.  Had I put this report through yesterday, Alan’s team would have been in first place.  A surge as of Monday from the Gosford portfolio has propelled the team to first place on 8.9%. Not bad going for 14 trading days. Alan’s team coming in at 6.89% followed by Adelaide at 4.89%.

It is still early days – but very encouraging to see!   Sydney Town Hall, Toowoomba and Newcastle are yet to enter the market (based on the trading plan).  Keep a lookout for these portfolios as they fire up – some great investing plans in those portfolios which will roar into life when the appropriate market timing signals kick in.

So what has been key to Gosford’s performance the last few days?  Gosford is applying the Primary Wave Marketing timing signal – our most aggressive of all the VectorVest market timing signals.  The primary wave is calculated as follows:

• When the Price of the VVC/AU is higher than it was five trading days ago, the Primary Wave is Up.
• When the Price of the VVC/AU is lower than it was five trading days ago, the Primary Wave is Down.

This is represented on the chart per below – the Primary Wave Up signaled on 19 September;


The market timing chart signaled a primary wave Up on Monday which in turn triggered Gosford’s portfolio to buy  stocks:


I will update the competition in the next few days.