Hi everyone,

A few weeks back, I did an article on some of the top earnings (EPS) stocks in Australia (1 June 2018). A few of you had asked about the US market. What about finding some of the best EPS profiles in the US market and how this compares with Australia? The aim of this essay is to find a good bunch of EPS stocks in the US and compare the outcome to what we did back on 1 June.

Now remember, you have access to a second country of your choice. By default, we give you access to Australia and the US market (unless you requested a different second country). When you first login to VectorVest, check to see what flags display at your login screen. By default, the Australian flag will be selected. For many of you, the US flag will also display at the login page. Just click on the US flag (or the given second country flag you have) and then enter in the same username and password that you do when logging into Australia. This will then fire up VectorVest US (or your given second country) with all the US stocks. As of 19 June, there were exactly 8,000 stocks for you to analyse in VectorVest US! This includes ETFs (1,588 ETFs), comprised of both Regular and Contra ETFs (over 100 of them that are designed to go up as the market goes down).

With four times as many stocks to look through in the US versus Australia, there are plenty of great opportunities at your fingertips. For this essay, I only looked through around 200 stocks since there were plenty of excellent EPS profiles going back at least 8 years or more. All I did was look through Stock Viewer (the Top VST stocks) and I also had a quick look through the S&P WatchLists as found in the Viewers Tab per the WatchLists. I wanted to find stocks with great smooth left to right EPS profiles. As I had so many stocks to choose from in the US, I ensured that all the stocks were undervalued as well. I put together a list of 14 stocks. Here is the list I put together for the US market:


Having identified these stocks, I put these stocks into a WatchList. If you want to setup a WatchList to load these stocks up and need a quick refresher on how to do this, have a look at the Welcome tab in VectorVest and click on the first tutorial titled, “Build A WatchList.” VectorVest will guide you through and help you set up these stocks in a matter of minutes.


Here is that portfolio.  Wow!

Top Earnings stocks


So how does this Top US EPS WatchList compare to the Australia Top EPS WatchList we put together back on 1 June? To compare them, ensure you have VectorVest Australia and VectorVest US loaded up. Yes, you can be logged into both countries at the same time! If you right click on the WatchList Average (the bottom line of the page) for both lists (you may already have the 1 June portfolio saved as a WatchList in your VectorVest Australia account, if not, you may wish to setup the Australia WatchList to compare) and click on View WatchList Average Graph and have a look at the Price and EPS for both WatchLists, you will see a spectacular EPS profile for both WatchLists. Which EPS profile is better of the two? That’s debatable. Very similar, are they not? Maybe the US portfolio is just a tad smoother?

And the performance? The US portfolio has increased 519.78% during 4 January 2010 to 19 June 2018 and the Australia list has increased 519.05% (519.05%). I think it is fair to say they are almost identical in terms of performance. The average daily trade volume on the given stocks for the Australian list is 869,144 compared to the US at 5,479,047. As one would expect, the liquidity in the US market is much higher on average.

Notice the exact same techniques were employed for the US list as for the Australia list. The beauty of VectorVest is that once you learn how to do something that you are after for Australia, you simply apply the same techniques in the second country you have access to. The only difference is the data set you are looking at since the method remains the same. Now that’s what I call making international investing easy!