Written by: Robert and Russell Markham

Which ASX200 stocks performed best in 2018? We can use VectorVest to do the work for us in seconds.

Head over to UniSearch and locate the group: Delta Searches – Stocks.

Open the first search 100 – Day Price Delta. Click on the Value box where it notes 100 day Sorted Desc. An Enter Custom Data box pops up. Change the 100 days to 365 days. Keep the rest of the settings the same. Notice that this will be sorted in descending order to ensure you get the best returning stocks at the top of the list. Now click on the blank Parameter box and select Stocks, Filter By, WatchList. Set the Operator to read = and then in the Value box, a Choose WatchLists box pops up. Click on the plus sign to the left of S&P/ASX and select S&P/ASX 200. Click OK. You have now setup a search that will do this for you. You may want to save this such that you can readily work out the best performing ASX200 stocks each day, so you can investigate further with your investing in 2019.

Set your date to 31 December 2018 and then click Run Search (which will now look back 365 days) and note some of the best performers for 2018:


Just out of interest, go back to 29 December 2017 and run the search again. Do you see any stocks in the top 15 that popped up on the previous search? I see A2M.AX, ALU.AX…and If I go back to 30 December 2016, I can see A2M.AX is in the top 15 again.

A2M.AX has certainly had a good run over the last 36 months. Earnings keep holding up, despite the volatility from May 2018. Will A2M.AX continue to be in the top 15 for 2019? Time will tell. Graphing A2M.AX notes a very strong EPS profile that continues to track higher. Relative Timing is breaking higher again and this may be one such share to watch in 2019.