Are you a VectorVest member who missed the Australia Q&A Webcast on Saturday? Don’t worry, we have the recording for you!

I though I would set the image to be that of a sun starting breaking out on what will be a perfect day.  The reason I say this, is that we had a fairly lengthy Confirmed Down Call that started on 13 September 2018 and ran through until 9 January.    The market correction has been steep relative to previous Confirmed Down Calls and the signal really kept us on the right side of the market.  And with any storm, once it passes, the sun returns!  This is exactly where we are currently with the Confirmed Up taking place on 9 January.  And what a time it has been to consider going back into the market.

The Q&A session that entailed:

  • Market Timing – We identified the entry signal this year
  • Top earning stocks identified – up over 4% since 9 January
  • Some individual stocks looked at including A2M.AX
  • All questions answered ranging from fundamental analysis through to technical analysis, market timing and portfolio considerations etc.

Don’t miss this great Q&A session.

CLICK HERE to see the webcast!