Take your investing to the next level! Don’t miss out on the webcast this Saturday (10am Sydney time) and on Wednesday at 7pm (Sydney time equivalent).
This webinar is a must for investors wanting to improve their returns and knowledge!
In this webinar, we will introduce some key concepts including:
• The importance of setting up your trading plan.
• The amazing US Worry-Free Portfolio which has annualized over 30% a year since 1996 to present! Fewer than 9 trades a year on average.
• The Australian Worry-Free Top Earners portfolio, applying prudent management & stock selection, annualizing over 50% a year since 2007 with fewer than 8 trades a year!
• I will touch on 2 powerful swing trading techniques for short term explosive returns.
• Provide the way forward, putting this all into a trading plan to cater for conservative through to the adventurous investor!
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