Hi everyone,

Are you back testing your ideas before committing any of your hard earned money?  The VectorVest’s BackTester makes it quick and easy to do.  BackTester ensures you are informed and on top of your strategy.  Past performance is no grantee of future performance,  but the more work you put in to perfecting your strategy, the more informed and ready you are to implement your strategy.  By having a trading plan that tells you: When to Buy, What to Buy & When to Sell – the more likely you are to stick to your trading plan.  You are removing emotion out of your investing.

To get the most out of your BackTesting,  I have put together a video on some great tips including how to:

  • Ensure sufficient liquidity in your portfolio
  • Set the amount you are BackTesting to what you are looking to invest
  • Apply Market Timing!
  • Set your brokerage in BackTesting to exactly what you are paying
  • Set a minimum turnover parameter

Check out the video to see exactly how this is all done and to check out many more great tips!  You don’t want to miss this great video.  Furthermore, have a look at the BackTest that was done… some very useful results in there!

CLICK HERE to see the video.