In regard to profiting in volatile markets, one thing you might consider is buying Contra ETFs. Contra ETFs are designed to move contrary to market direction, ie. they go up when the market is going down. The key is knowing which ones to buy, when to buy them, and when to sell. VectorVest has you covered.

Our top Contra ETFs are up 49% since 1/3/22!

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Exchange Traded Funds are baskets of stocks that have something in common – they can represent countries, industries, currencies, commodities, indices and more. They’re traded exactly the same as stocks but offer tremendous advantages to traders and investors.

  • Diversification – ETFs allow investors to take advantage of the hottest industries and global trends without the hassle of having to choose individual stocks.
  • Leverage – Traders can purchase ETFs that deliver up to 3X’s the performance of the group – without ever using margin!
  • Flexibility – ETFs give traders the opportunity to make money in both up AND down markets, without shorting and without margin. If the market’s trend is down, simply buy Contra ETFs and watch your portfolio value rise!

VectorVest analyzes over 1,700 ETFs to choose from with more appearing every year. Their popularity is soaring, and the demand just keeps growing!

VectorVest analyzes 46 ETF groups and 32 ETF industries, including Contra ETFs (ETFs Short), giving you all the information you need to choose the right ETF at the right time. The performance of every ETF and ETF Group is tracked using our proprietary technical indicators, Relative Timing (RT) and Comfort Index (CI).

RT analyzes the short-term price action and CI analyzes the long-term price stability. Both indicators are on the VectorVest scale of 0.00-2.00. Values above 1.00 are favorable, values below 1.00 are unfavorable. It’s as simple as that!

A clear Buy, Sell or Hold Recommendation is provided for every ETF, every day. The recommendation reflects the cumulative effect of all the VectorVest parameters working together. An ETF will only receive a Buy recommendation if it’s rising in price, this helps investors choose ETFs that are already going in the right direction…and avoid the ones that aren’t!

Not sure what the latest investment trend is? The answer is just two-clicks away! Just double click on VectorVest’s ETF Sector and you will find each of the 32 ETF groups ranked by their short-term price performance. The groups rising the fastest will be right at the top of the list. Double-click again to get all the ETFs in that group ranked by their VST-Vector. Finding the best ETFs in the hottest ETF groups has never been easier…unless you use VectorVest’s UniSearch!

UniSearch is the most powerful search engine available for ETF Investors. You can create your own ETF strategies or simply run the scans that are already there. Combine the scans with VectorVest market timing and get ready to see some amazing results.

There’s no question that ETFs are here to stay. They provide an excellent way of diversifying a portfolio, reducing risk, and entering hot markets and sectors that would otherwise be inaccessible. VectorVest’s unique analysis tools give you the power to cash in on the amazing opportunities ETFs offer today’s traders and investors.

Only VectorVest provides precision guidance to help
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