Stocking stuffers

We have received a number of requests for another edition of last year’s pre-Christmas essay called Stocking Stuffers. These requests were prompted by the fact that the eight stocks I recommended were up an average of 49.20% as of yesterday’s Close. That’s pretty good, but I couldn’t have done it without VectorVest.

As I write this, I’m reminded of the proverb, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” So, Senior Instructor, Mr. Jerry D’Ambrosio, has agreed to give a “Special Presentation” called, “Stocking Stuffers.” In other words, he will teach us how to fish. Jerry’s a great instructor. You could make money for the rest of your life by doing what Jerry shows us tonight.

Speaking about making money, that’s what the upcoming Tampa Two-Day Better Investing Seminar is all about. With 29 years of experience behind us, we’re going to show you the surest, safest, time-tested techniques we have for making money in all kinds of markets.

The agenda is focused entirely on making money. We’ll teach you when to Buy, what to Buy and when to Sell…Hassel-Free. There’s no need to memorize seventy eleven rules for doing this or that. There’s no complicated chart patterns to interpret. Everything is explained in our presentations and documented for you in your seminar materials. If you can point and click a mouse, you can make money with VectorVest.

As usual, we’ll have an array of new things to talk about. Our 2017 line-up of Model Portfolios did very well and we hope to do better in 2018. We will explain what’s new and talk about using the Portfolio Action Plan because it’s the easiest way to build a winning portfolio of stocks. Think of it as Fishing Made Easy.

Attendees will be brought up-to-date on our progress in developing a fully automatic RoboTrader. It’s going to be a cutting edge product when it’s released. All Seminar attendees will get to try it FREE. Imagine having a tool that monitors and manages your portfolio while you fish, golf or take an afternoon nap!

Do you remember the WatchDog? It was introduced via an essay I wrote and Glenn Tompkins demonstrated on January 7, 2011. Seven years ago! I said, “The Watchdog is a monitoring, alerting and documentation tool that analyzes pricing data, tick-by-tick, and checks to see if the price has met specific MACD or Support/Resistance criteria. It does all of this in a matter of milliseconds!” You really have to read the essay to fully appreciate what this tool does.

Although we were very excited about it, the number of searches it could monitor simultaneously was limited. So we began to work on an upgrade called, “The Super WatchDog.” It didn’t work out for a variety of reasons, so it was put on the backburner.

With the development of the Portfolio Genius, which can paper trade automatically, we began to dream about hooking the Super WatchDog to the Genius. The Super WatchDog can now monitor up to 5 UniSearch searches simultaneously and we are working on hooking it up to the Genius. We will demonstrate the Super WatchDog in Tampa and offer a 30-day FREE trial to all Tampa attendees when it is released.

My favorite part of the Seminar is the Cocktail Reception. Sure, I like martinis, but mixing with the attendees is the most fun. After the reception, I will be making a presentation on How the Market Works. I will discuss what causes Bull and Bear markets and when they begin and end. I believe that VectorVest is the only service that provides this kind of guidance.

Do yourself a big favor, prepare for a lifetime of great Christmas Seasons by registering for the Tampa Two-Day Better Investing Seminar and watch tonight’s “Special Presentation” on Stocking Stuffers – 2017.