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Hot Topics of Interest Webcast Series – Don’t miss out!

VectorVest Australia is excited to announce that we have an exciting webcast series coming up entitled: Hot Topics Webcast Series We have great topics to go through over the next few weeks, which have been put together based on popular demand.  A lot of time and research has gone into each webcast, we look forward […]

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Financial Freedom Summit

The April 2021 Financial Freedom Summit

We have exciting new information to help you put your money to work for you—to maximize profits as we put the pandemic behind us. Watch us demonstrate top-performing strategies designed for a changing market…

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THE POWER OF 1.40 AND 1.20.

THE POWER OF 1.40 AND 1.20. Written by: Robert and Russell Markham Did you just read the title of this week’s Essay and scratch your head? Cryptic, right? Not really. Let me explain; these two numbers will make a lot of sense shortly. We all know the power of buying those top VST stocks (our […]

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DOMINO’S PIZZA, EPS and GRT. Written by: Robert and Russell Markham Earnings Per Share (EPS) is the engine room of price appreciation. Over the years, I have been guided by EPS and benefited handsomely. But every now and then, I come across stocks where the earnings are firing up, but the stock remains stubbornly unwilling […]

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ARE MORTGAGES ABOUT TO RAMP UP AGAIN? Written by: Robert and Russell Markham With the lowest interest rates on record, along with a multitude of lenders offering better and better deals, it is of no surprise that mortgages are on the rise again. Investors have gotten over their fears of the Coronavirus with regards to […]

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