8 05, 2024


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AUSTRALIAN BANKS UNDER PRESSURE The Australian mortgage market is worth over 2 trillion AUD. Before early 2022, in a low interest rate environment, banks would probably have got away with not passing on any rate cuts in full to their customers. But in the current environment after a series of aggressive rate hikes, and with [...]

27 03, 2024


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RETAIL STOCKS REVISITED We have looked at the Australian Retail Sector on a number of occasions and based on a growing interest in this sector by investors, we will use VectorVest to look at it again for potential investment opportunities. At VectorVest we don’t make predictions; we deal in facts looking at what is happening [...]

5 10, 2023

Prudent Stock Superstars!

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What are the best prudent stocks in Australia currently? VectorVest ranks and sorts all the prudent stocks in Australia each day for both fundamental and technical analysis.  The best prudent shares are brought to the top of the list. The image below is a screenshot of our Prudent Stocks scan.  It finds the best [...]

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