Hi everyone,

The user group stock portfolio challenge is well underway.  Thanks to everyone who assisted the User Group leaders in putting together the portfolios!  The entries are fantastic – some real thought and passion with all the entries.  Some entries even had unique fields built (by clicking on tools in VectorVest and then selecting custom field builder).

Here is the update for now – I will keep updating this blog in the weeks to follow.  The competition runs from 1 September – 30 November.

Just a reminder – the prizes for the best 3 returning portfolios:

First Place                          $500 USD

Second Place                      $250 USD

Third Place                         $150 USD

The table below is the actual cumulative percentage return in the portfolio:


(Click on the table to make it bigger)

Here it is in graphical form:


(Click on the graph to make it bigger)

The portfolio in the lead at present is Gosford!  Well done Richard Savage and your team at your user group.  Very early days yet – but very impressive considering a 5% return for 7 days.  Certainly beats the bank term deposit rates in a fraction of the time!  A significant uplift in the stock WHC.AX has propelled this portfolio along nicely.  I can see the stock has strong GRT and has started to turn their earnings around on the EPS indicator.



In second place currently is Alan MacKay’s User Group from Melbourne with a healthy 4.71% followed by Chris Boast’s user group on 3.57%.
As you can see, the results are very close so far.  For the results that are at 0% – this is due to the fact that the trigger entry point has not been met yet.

These could be the sleeping giants – set to fire up when the turning point takes place – which will make the competition very interesting!

I will keep updating the results in the blog each few days.