Hi everyone,

The user group portfolio challenge is getting down to the last 6 weeks!

In hindsight, the competition has been over a very flat period.  The VectorVest composite has gone down -0.58% since 1 September to 24 October.

Despite the market, coming in first at a powerful 12.01% is Gosfrod, followed by Melbourne on 6.37% and in third place is a rapidly surging Newcastle on 5.71%

I have added in a additional line chart into the mix per below – that being the VectorVest composite.  What is interesting is that if one had followed one of our most popular market timing indicators – GLB/RT Kicker – one would not have entered in at all (as per the Town Hall entry).  Cash certainly has not been a bad strategy in the current market volatility.  Town Hall have fully preserved their cash – and will be ready to launch into the market on the first GLB/RT Kicker….  Time will tell if this market is due for a Santa rally…






24-october-graph 24-october-precentages