Hi everyone,

We had a great session today at our Australia Q&A webcast.  Some of the key topics covered included:

  • Super Star Stocks for Australia – looking back since 2012 and recently
  • Per above – we did the same exercise for the US market
  • We analysed some key stocks including MLB.AX and FWD.AX
  • We looked at US options – briefly looking at an example on how to do an at the money (ATM) for Black Rock (BLK) in the US.
  • We saw the power of leverage in the above example – how we can limit a fraction of our capital with significant upside potential with minimal downside loss
  • Russell discussed one of his trades currently for MU – and how he is looking to set this up for a call option with expiration in April next year – and how this is possible for less than $500 USD to control 100 shares.

Thanks again to everyone who attended.  For those of you who could not make it – the recording is per below (and of course for those of you who want to see it again).

Please CLICK HERE to see the recording.