Hello everyone,

There has been a bit of press recently about mid-cap stocks and how well they have performed in recent times.

This lead to a new search in UniSearch which I wanted to share with you:

Housed in UniSearch, there is a group called “Searches – Special Searches” and in this group there is a search search called “Midcap Movers.”

Midcap Movers ensures that you find stocks that are in the Midcap 50 index.  This search ensure that the stocks are then screened for rigorous fundamental and technical analysis.  It ensures that stocks with a good daily volume are found and also ensures that these stocks have a smooth profile (by ensuring the Comfort Index is 1.3 or better). In addition, these stocks must have a dividend yield greater than 2%.

They key to making this search so successful is the sort. The Midcap Movers search applies the sort:  RT*VST*CI/Price.  This ensure that stocks that are moving up the quickest (relative timing – RT) with the best combinations of value, safety and timing (VST) as well as having the smoothest profiles (CI) are brought to the top of the list on a dollar by dollar basis (as denoted by the denominator in the sort).

Extensive back testing of this search revealed some powerful results.  I have attached a short video for you to see for yourself!  See what you think of the Midcap Movers Search.