Hi Everyone,  don’t miss the opportunity to enter the competition!

An excellent opportunity to sharpen your investing skills with some great prize money on offer!

Click HERE to see the official email.  Below is a summary too:


The All-Subscriber Portfolio Challenge will begin on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 and end on Friday, November 30, 2018. It will be the grandest challenge we have ever had with more flexibility and award money than ever before.

All subscribers will be free to use the database of their choice. For example, if you live in Timbuktu and you choose to use VectorVest 7 UK in the Challenge, you may do so. You will be competing for a Grand Prize and in the UK intramural competition.

Grand Prize Awards will be granted to the five best performing portfolios, and Intramural Prize Awards will be granted to the three best performing Portfolios according to the particular VectorVest 7 database used in the competition.


The Grand Prize Awards are as follows:

First Place Winner: US$5,000.00.  Second Place Winner: US$4,000.00.

Third Place Winner: US$3,000.00.  Fourth Place Winner: US$2,000.00.

Fifth Place Winner: US$1,000.00.


The Intramural Prize Awards are as follows:

First Place Winner: US$1,500.00;

Second Place Winner: US$750.00;

Third Place Winner: US$375.00;


A $100.00 Savings Certificate will go to each subscriber who does not receive a performance award, but does outperform the VectorVest Money-Maker Portfolio.

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