Hi everyone,

The United States got a confirmed up on 1 March and the USA market has powered on since.

Australia got a confirmed up on 19 April (our most conservative timing signal) and to date the market has continued to move up.  How long is this likely to last and how does this one compare to the previous confirmed Up calls in recent months?

To investigate this further,  I  ran some quick tests on the top VST stocks (stocks with the best combination of fundamental and technical) and also had a brief look at some of the fastest moving stocks found by sorting the Australia stock database by our proprietor Relative Timing (RT) indicator.  Very impressive to date.

I checked the 15 April Essay (each Friday is the comprehensive write up) in the VectorVest system – it still notes we are in a Case 5 Bear Market (as noted in the climate section on our Friday essays – found under the Views tab).  As a result – one would want to watch the signals provided by VectorVest carefully for any change – with special attention to the Relative Timing indicator for the market.

Please click on the video per below to see a 5 minute overview of the Australian market and how it compares to the United States and the outlook as it stands right now…

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