Hi everyone,

The team have been hard at work, working on our retirement webinar series coming up for our Ultimate Retirement Workshop.  The course will be delivered via four pre-recorded sessions and then five follow-up webcasts to go through all the theory.  The live webcasts will ensure that all questions are answered such that the theory is easy to follow and apply.

To introduce the course, we are running a Webcast that will introduce the key concepts entitled:

3 Core Strategies every Retiree Must Use!

Are you fast approaching retirement or in retirement and concerned that you will have enough money saved? Are you tired of the volatility in the market and just want to have better tools that give you more peace of mind such that you can generate consistent income? If you answered yes to the above, then you most likely are seeking…

A system that will assist you to:

  • Steadily grow your portfolio (& do it safely)
  • Generate consistent income
  • Preserve the money you do have

That’s why this Wednesday the 16 of June at 10am Sydney time equivalent, I’m running a webinar called:

“3 Core Strategies Every Retiree Must Use.”

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to pick the best, low-risk stocks to steadily grow your portfolio
    • Including our 6-part Stock Safety Checklist
  • How to apply three income generating strategies (that you should be using in retirement)
  • How to protect your stocks & your entire account from big losses

This webinar is a must for you if you are at or near retirement.

Click here to reserve you seat.

Let’s ensure we give you the tools and confidence such that you are ready for your retirement!

See you there!