Features in April Release

New Portfolio Navigation

Portfolios are now split between Model Portfolios, My Portfolios, and Contest Portfolios. When Model Portfolios is selected, the list of Portfolios opens as a scroll below it and My Portfolios and Contest Portfolios headings sit at the bottom of the left navigation. You can either scroll down through the list or click one of the other always visible headers.

VectorVest 7 portfolios

Contest Portfolios

Ability to sign up for Contests with the click of a button. The portfolio shows up in the Contest Portfolios section. The new Contest Portfolios also includes ranking of the contests.

Bug Fixes in 1.48 Release

  • Lower possible commission rates in BackTesters.
  • Background thread loading spinner removed.
  • Graphs crashed app in certain circumstances.
  • Blocked securities message blank in RoboTrader.
  • TradeStation Banner to Brokerage Link Screen added.
  • Return pending orders that are older than today/yesterday in Portfolios.
  • Earnings Dates search not working in UK.
  • Graph performance slow when multiple graphs open.
  • Trading System Rules UI incorrectly showing search for Go To Cash