VectorVest AutoTimer and Portfolio Genius Automate Portfolio Trading for Optimal Trading Results

January 22, 2014

AutoTimer and Portfolio Genius imageCORNELIUS, N.C. — VectorVest announced today the release of VectorVest AutoTimer and Portfolio Genius, proprietary tools that minimize time spent on portfolio management, while helping eliminate emotional trading decisions that deviate from an investor’s trading plan.

VectorVest AutoTimer incorporates market timing signals into both historical and real-time trading plans for investors to determine separate portfolio management rules based on market direction, and then automatically implements these rules without manual intervention.

VectorVest AutoTimer can be used in historical mode to create, test, and refine automated trading systems that include market timing, stock selection, stop criteria, and a host of other portfolio management options. It also can be used in real time to implement an automated trading plan through VectorVest Portfolio Genius, a sophisticated “paper” trading tool that when used with AutoTimer allows investors to set up their trading plans with long, short, or neutral trading templates.