VectorVest recently ran a very informative webcast entitled: “How to Find the Best Dividend Paying Stocks 4% or Higher with Franking Credits.” We have provided the replay link at the end of this blog post.

A 4% yielding stock that is fully franked equates to a fully grossed up dividend yield of over 5.6%! However, dividends and franking credits were not all on offer during the webcast. We also looked for stocks increasing in price! That way, you get the dividend yield, the franking credits and capital gains. How can you find such stocks with VectorVest?

Fully Franked stocks paying a 4% dividend or higher can be screened for in UniSearch. Click on the UniSearch tab and scroll down to the Searches – Retirement group. Within this group is the Dividend Bargains search. This search finds stocks with a DY of at least 2% or more that are Buy Rated. The sort is sorted by Value/Price DESC to give you the best low-price stocks paying the highest dividends!

You can modify the search to ensure a 4% or better dividend yield. To do so, click on the “2.00” in the Value box and then click on and change this to read 4 and then press enter on your keyboard. This will now ensure 4% or higher dividends are returned. Then press on Run Search to find all the 4% or higher dividend payers!

Stocks paying a 4% or higher dividend will be returned. From here, you can run your eyes across the key dividend analysis indicators. As of 11 October 2023, ORG.AX jumps out. ORG.AX has a dividend yield of 4.02%. A Dividend Safety (DS) score of 66 (a DS score above 50 in Australia has proven a reliable dividend score), a Dividend Growth (DG) of 18% and a Yield, Safety and Growth (YSG) score of 1.25. Note too, the Interim Franking Credits (IFC) and Final Franking Credits (FFC) are both at 100%.

ORG.AX is one such example of a 4% dividend yielding stock that is fully franked. As you work your way down the list, you will easily be able to find a few more. As an added check and balance, graph your stocks, ensure the EPS curve is rising smoothly from left to right along with a rising share price over the last 12 to 18 months.

To see VectorVest in action, CLICK HERE to see the replay of the webcast entitled: How to Find the Best Dividend Paying Stocks 4% or Higher with Franking Credits.

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