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6 Stalwart Stocks For the Long Term Investor

  Hello everyone, I have covered this in the recent webcasts and wanted to ensure everyone had a chance to see this.  If you get a chance, load these into a watchlist and graph the average watchlist line.  Have a look at the earnings (EPS) over the last 5 years.  Have a look at the […]

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When to Sell


AVOIDING THE HARDEST MISTAKE INVESTORS MAKE – WHEN TO SELL!. Written by: Robert and Russell Markham I was interviewed by Retire Well, Retire Happy a fortnight ago. I was asked what was the biggest mistake investors make? I went on to note that the number one key mistake investors make is not knowing when to […]

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Bull and Bear Market


WHAT NOT TO LOOK FOR IN A STOCK. Written by: Robert and Russell Markham Over the last few weeks we have looked at some wonderful stocks with smooth left to right price patterns and smooth left to right earnings profiles. These stocks have demonstrated strong fundamental and technical parameters as identified by the VST Score. […]

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Investigating Stocks During the GFC – Who Performed Well?

AGL.AX AND ORG.AX. Written by: Robert and Russell Markham I had an interesting thought, what if I investigated the stocks that had performed well during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in Australia? And then, let’s see how those stocks have performed since the GFC and if we would still hold those stocks today. The stocks […]

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