Monday: Major Indexes slide on geopolitical worries and climbing treasury yields. Dow -0.7%, S&P500 -1.2%, Nasdaq -1.8%. Investors remain cautious amid tensions in Ukraine and concerns over inflation.

Tuesday: Mixed performance as bond yields continue upward. Comments from Fed Chair Powell further fuel uncertainty. Dow +0.2%, S&P500 -0.2%, Nasdaq -0.1%. Investors weigh the possibility of delayed rate cuts against rising inflationary pressures.

Wednesday: Sentiment sours on fears of delayed rate cuts. Dow -0.1%, S&P500 -0.6%, Nasdaq -1.2%. Market reacts negatively to Powell’s cautious stance on inflation and interest rates, driving indices lower.

Thursday: Geopolitical tensions unsettle markets; mixed close. Dow +0.1%, S&P500 -0.2%, Nasdaq -0.5%. Traders remain on edge as tensions escalate in Eastern Europe, impacting market sentiment.

Friday: Dow boosted by positive American Express earnings; Nasdaq dragged down by Netflix losses. Dow +0.6%, S&P500 -0.9%, Nasdaq -2.1%. Earnings reports drive mixed performance as investors digest corporate results.

Overall: Dow sees slight gain, S&P500 and Nasdaq close lower for the week. Uncertainty persists as investors navigate geopolitical risks and inflation concerns amidst a backdrop of rising bond yields.

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