Hi everyone,

Market timing is the most important aspect to investing at VectorVest.  We have to get our market timing right before we look for any further stocks to buy.

The temptation is to often forget about market timing and rush out and find stocks with great fundamentals and technicals.  However, be aware, market timing can often tear down stocks with the best fundamentals and technicals  – like we saw in the GFC and boost up prices in a bull run.

At VectorVest we do not predict the market – rather we can establish the current trend to determine whether it is safe to go into the market or not.

So where are we now in Australia?  For those of you who are following the market timing closely, you may have noticed a significant bearish divergence between the the VectorVest Composite (VVC/AU) and the Relative Timing for the Market.  This divergence is something that has become very noticeable in recent days.  In the video below, I go through the market timing and point out the current divergence.  In addition, I have taken a look at our Market Climate Graph – the Market Climate graph is a great depiction of the Macro picture – well worth a look for those who want further insight into the Macro outlook in Australia.

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