Written by: Robert and Russell Markham

Continuing from last week’s Essay on AutoTimer, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about ProTrader. I get plenty of enquiries each month on ProTrader (as I do on AutoTimer). Let us take a closer look so you can get a better understanding if you are not already familiar.

To start off with, what is ProTrader? ProTrader is an add-on to VectorVest that allows for you to screen, sort and rank stocks based on technical criteria. In fact, there are 43 technical searches offered for Australia (and you can run these technical searches in the US Market too). If you have access to ProTrader, you can run the technical searches across any country you subscribe to.

The technical searches offered by ProTrader include:

  • ADX Crossover searches (ADX = Average Directional Movement Index)
  • Bollinger band crossovers
  • Breaking support searches
  • Breaking resistance searches
  • Directional indicator searches
  • DPO searches (DPO = Detrended Price Oscillator)
  • EMA searches (EMA = Exponential Moving Average Crossovers)
  • Envelope searches
  • MACD crossovers searches (MACD = Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
  • RMA searches (RMA = Relative Moving Average)
  • RSI – Relative Strength Indicator Searches
  • Stochastic Searches
  • WMA crossovers (WMA = Weighted Moving Average)
  • A combination of all the above! The opportunities are endless.

Each one of the studies above could have a weekly Essay dedicated to them. The idea here is not to inundate you with information overload, but rather give you an appreciation for what ProTrader entails. Once you have ProTrader, in the UniSearch tab, you will have a new group entitled: ProTrader. Within the ProTrader group, all the technical searches can be found.

Let’s pick on one of the technical searches to demonstrate the power of ProTrader. Let’s say I want to find stocks that are breaking out in price. The ProTrader group has a search entitled: Explosive Breakout – (20 Days). What does this Explosive Breakout Search do? This search (we will cover this in the video at the end) is looking for stocks hitting a new high over the last 20 days where the price has been trending higher over the last two days along with Relative Timing (RT). The shares must have an Average Volume traded over the last 50 days of at least 100,000 and the shares must be Buy rated. Simply put, there is good momentum currently taking place with good liquidity where a Buy rating is met. Recall, to get a Buy rating, VST must be above 1.00, RT must be above 1.00, Price must be above the Stop and diverging away from the Stop. Now you as an investor may argue that you would prefer to find stocks hitting a high over the last 50 days or you may want Price and RT trending higher over the last 5 days. This is all possible with the search, you can adjust the variables.

A few investors may say, well, I do not need ProTrader…I can do this myself. I can run graphs and work this all out for myself. Yes, you could. However, if we were to start throwing in some additional parameters, this all starts to become very time consuming. ProTrader will run the technical searches in seconds and bring back all the stocks to you each day at your fingertips across any of the countries you subscribe to (by default in Australia you are given access to Australia and the US market).

Per the video below, I am going to take the Explosive Breakout Search and run it across all the stocks in Australia…and then I am going to throw in a twist, I am only going to find these explosive stocks on the ASX100. Which ASX100 stocks are currently exhibiting breakout patterns? What about the ASX200? This is all covered in the video. If you like to buy the big Blue-chip stocks, you can run a technical parameter to ensure that only the Blue-chip stocks meeting strict technical criteria are returned.
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