Thanks to everyone who attended ‘VectorVest AU Members Only Q&A.’  today, what a great webcast it was!

We covered plenty of material. The key topics covered included:

  • Market timing for Australia and the US Markets
  • Warning signs to check… we investigate if the market looked likely to pull back
  • Found some of the best technology stocks money could buy for Australia
  • Drilled into all the software and technology stocks for the US and got down to a list of 9 stocks out of 400+ US stocks.
  • Checked in on some of the best performing portfolios in Australia per the Trading System Viewer Tab
  • Mentioned the Upcoming beginners course for Options… you have a great opportunity to learn about options coming up
  • Answers to all your questions… some great questions today

Don’t miss out on this webcast… watch it again if you attended or if you were not able to attend, here is your chance to check out what you missed.

CLICK HER to see the recording