Hi everyone,

Following up per my last post – “Confirmed up – is this the one we have been waiting for?” – I wanted to take a look as to how some of our key portfolios have tracked.

Back per my post on the 22nd of April – using VectorVest – we could see numerous key indicators telling us that the momentum was changing  to the upside. So far, a short but useful breakout has been taking place. However, as noted back on 22 April, we still need to be weary that we are in a Case 5 Bear Market Scenario.

On the 19th of April  we got the confirmed up signal – the most conservative of all signals in VectorVest.  I wanted to check how some of our portfolios have been performing in the current confirmed up.  In particular,  I wanted to concentrate on our Worry Free Investing Portfolio (for those of you in Adelaide and Perth – we will be rolling out this workshop to you over May and June  – please check www.vecorvest.com.au/events for further details) having recently rolled out workshops covering the Worry Free Portfolio in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

To find the setting for our Worry Free stock selection parameters, I head over to UniSearch – and look under the folder “Worry Free Investing” and open up the “Worry Free AU” search.  As you can see – this is a very comprehensive search – ensuring some powerful parameters.

To get an idea on the types of stocks the Worry Free Investing portfolio applies – I set the date back to the 19th of April (to when we got our confirmed up) and it returns two stocks:  DFM and VTG.  To date, I can see that these 2 stocks have returned more than 8% – not bad going.


But there is a bit more to the Worry Free Investing Portfolio – applying several key risk money management rules and settings.  Keep an eye on the Worry Free portfolio – you can find it under the Portfolios Tab.  In my next blog post – I will cover the Worry Free portfolio settings!

To see more on some of our other great portfolios and how they are tracking – click on the short video per below