Hi everyone,

There is currently a competition on – to develop the ultimate Worry-Free Portfolio for VectorVest 7 US.  This is open to everyone – even if you live outside of the USA.  So for those of you living outside of the USA – you can enter this competition!  The only requirement is that you are a subscriber to VectorVest (so ensure your second country is USA – you can change your second country of choice by contacting support – there is no charge to switch your second country to the USA).  This is a great way to enhance your skills using VectorVest – with some great prize money too!

I have included the video on the competition as well as the rules (per below)

Click here to watch the video – this will set out the competition rules.

The video notes for one to calculate a portfolio efficiency score on the portfolio you submit (1 entry per person only).  In order to calculate your portfolio efficiency score – you will need to log into VectorVest and select “Views” (per the views tab) and then ensure the date is is set to 4 March 2016  – scroll down to the “Strategy” section and find the link to the excel spreadsheet (which will enable you to calculate your portfolio efficiency score).  You will need to ensure you create a portfolio efficiency score higher than 6.74 in order to enter the competition.  I have circled the appropriate link.









Please find the official rules for the competition:


  1. The goal of the Worry-Free Investing Challenge is to develop a Trading System that delivers a higher Score than that identified as “Long-Term Winners – RS Desc” in the VectorVest 7 U.S. BackTester.
  2. The competition will be comprised of two phases: The first phase will be to create a Trading System which gives a higher Score than 6.74. The second phase will consist of paper trading all the verified entries from May 1, 2016 through July 29, 2016.
  3. All entries must be submitted by midnight on Friday, April 8, 2016.
  4. The Grand Prize Winner, i.e., the Trading System that produces the highest Score, will receive a check for $5,000.00. The Second Place Winner will receive a check for $2,500.00. The Third Place Winner will receive a check for $1,250.00.
  5. All U.S. and International subscribers to VectorVest 7 U.S. may enter the Challenge as long they are active and in good standing throughout the contest period.
  6. All entries must be submitted via a VectorVest 7 U.S. BackTest. All participants must use the AutoTimer. (Free trials of the AutoTimer are available.) The following VectorVest 7 U.S. BackTester settings must be used:

* HINT. Create a new BackTest using the “Long-Term Winners – RS Desc” Trading System to see if you get the same results shown above.

* ACCOUNT SETTINGS: Initial investment, $100,000. Commission $9.95 per trade. Do not use margin. Do not account for interest. Execute Buy/Sell at Next Day’s Open.

* MARKET TIMING: You may use any Market Timing system shown in the BackTester. You may go Long only. Do not go Short.

* SEARCH. You may use any Search shown in UniSearch or create your own Search, but it must have Price >= 1.00, 50 Day AvgVol >= 100,000, no ETFs.

* SORT. All Searches must be sorted by RS Desc and only RS Desc. You may NOT use a non-VectorVest created WatchList.

* NAMING YOUR SEARCH. If you create your own custom Search, save it in UniSearch, using the naming convention of your 3 initials, followed by the word “Long,” i.e., XYZ – Long.

* STOP. You may use any of the Stop Criteria shown in the BackTester.

* MORE SETTINGS. You must try to maintain at least 10 positions and not more than 20 positions. You must select “Invest average value” and allow Odd Lots.

* TEST PERIOD: You must start your BackTest on May 17, 1996 and end it on February 26, 2016.

* NAME/DESCRIPTION: Please name your BackTest using your 3 initials, followed by Challenge Entry, i.e., XYZ – Challenge Entry.

* All entries must be emailed to [email protected] by midnight April 8, 2016. You may enter one and only one candidate into the competition. Entries that are basically the same, but have different names, may be deemed to be the result of collaboration and redefined as one entry.

* Please include your full name and phone number as well as the name of your BackTest and indicate whether there is a custom Search and/or custom field in your Search.

  1. All VectorVest decisions are final and indisputable.
  2. All submissions become the property of VectorVest, Inc.

This challenge may be the most important challenge we have ever conducted. We hope that you will Enter The Worry-Free Investing Challenge.

Good luck! Have fun developing your portfolio – a great way to sharpen your VectorVest skills.