On the 28th of September – I wrote the following post on the VectorVest Australia Facebook page:

Interesting Developments for Beach Energy. The Relative Timing (RT) indicator – our short term price indicator on a scale of zero to 2 is now above 1 for Beach Energy. A RT value above 1 and rising is always a good indication of continued short term price momentum. The RT indicator for Beach Energy broke above 1 on the 17th of July (with the price at 64 cents and RT is now at 1.31 as of 27 September with the price at 82 cents). I see too that this stock is undervalued. Also note the up tick in earnings as well. Check the graph per below – I have taken a screenshot from VectorVest for Beach Energy.

Beach Energy chart

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The trading halt gets lifted on 2 October. I include the recent post in Bloomberg on Beach Energy for those interested:


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By using the power of VectorVest, VectorVest was able to identify a stock that has run 37% in 7 weeks.    Well done to VectorVest – the power of Market Timing, Fundamentals and Technical Analysis does it again!