Hi everyone,

We had a great session tonight.  Some of the topics covered:

  • Looking at the macro situation for Australia and the USA – using the market climate graph.
  • Going over some key portfolios.
  • Identifying top performing stocks that have performed the best over the last 250 trading days.
  • Creating a portfolio of top performing stocks.
  • What to look for in a stock graph.
  • Some of the key drivers for valuation calculations.
  • Buying a call option – some considerations.

At the session, a few of you had asked for the parameters for the Top CI stock search.  I have taken a screen shot of this:


High CI Prospects

I worked out the reason why some of you cannot see this search – the reason this is not located in your folder is that you do need Pro-Trader to run the search – since the search makes use of the “Channel” operator.

However, you can still write searches to find top CI stocks as CI is part of the standard search capability.

You can write all of the parameters above apart from line 2 – where you will not be able to search in a channel for the last 100 days.

The sort is VST descending.

Please find a link to the recording:  CLICK HERE to see the video.