Retired Couple relaxing-Sepia Tone imageOf all the reasons to invest, one of the most important is to ensure you have enough money to live on when you are retired. However, most retirees don’t have enough money to get by. CNBC reports nearly half of retirees will actually run out of money.

Fortunately, it is easy to adapt my proven rules for Value, Safety and Timing into a simple, 3-step plan to ensure your retirement.

Retirement Step One:
Use a Stock Picking System that Works

Granted, this one should be a given. Yet, the first step to ensuring your “golden retirement” is to make sure that you use a trading system that really does work!

And you’re not going to find a better stock-picking system than VectorVest.

Why? With over 25 years of proven performance, VectorVest eliminates guesswork and emotion when you pick your stocks. OK, you will get an emotional rush when you see your nest egg growing, especially when it’s contrary to the rest of the market!

You may be surprised how easily and quickly that happens, too. When you make informed, logical decisions, it’s easy to zero in on the safest and best retirement stocks for capital appreciation and income.

VectorVest Helps You Find Stocks that Are Perfect for Growing your Nest Egg

Graph for FUN stock

In addition to our powerful analysis indicators, market timing and stock scans, VectorVest gives clear buy and sell recommendations on every stock, every day. Easily identify great dividend payers like Cedar Fair and know when to buy and sell for consistent capital appreciation and dividend income. (Click on graph to enlarge)

Example: VectorVest helps you pick stocks like Cedar Fair, LLP (FUN), one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world, and which also happens to pay a nice dividend of $2.50%. One of the popular Retirement Strategies–Don’s Dividend Dandies–found this stock which has sky-rocketed in value since June 2012.

Retirement Step Two:
Use a Trading System and Strategy that Picks the BEST Stocks for Capital Appreciation and Income

Once again, VectorVest can help–with top performing retirement strategies like Don’s Dividend Dandies. This strategy selects stocks with growing dividends from companies that can best afford them.

These are the stocks to buy for consistent income and outstanding capital appreciation at the same time. Want proof? You got it:

Over the past 10 years, Don’s Dividend Dandies returned an impressive 183%–through one of the worst recessions we’ve ever had!

Retirement Step Three:
Only Use a Proven Market Timing System

This step is the most important of all: always–and only–use a proven market timing system.

You know, the one that gets you in at the beginning of a rally. And better yet, gets you out before your portfolio gets obliterated as the market sells off.

We’re talking about a system like VectorVest. A system that shows you what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. And it shares with you the full history of all its timing calls. Which allows you to review and verify its performance for yourself.

Don’t Invest and Hope for the Best–
Invest with Confidence Using the Proven VST System

No need to leave your retirement to chance. Build a retirement fund that allows you to live the way you want, anywhere you want. Utilizing the proven track record of the VST (Value, Safety and Timing) System, VectorVest can help you find valuable, safe stocks and time when to get in and out to protect and grow your nest egg funds. It’s easy and it’s time… time for you to have the retirement you have always dreamed of. Start today with a 5-week trial of VectorVestfor only $9.95!