Meta (META) is starting 2024 with a statement, announcing its first-ever dividend after an impressive Q4 driven by a surge in advertising sales. The stock is up more than 20% in Friday morning’s trading session.

The company grew revenue to $40.11 billion, a 25% increase year over year. Net income for the quarter jumped to $14.02 billion ($5.33/share) from just $4.65 billion ($1.76/share) the year prior. Analysts were expecting $30.91 billion in revenue and $4.82/share.

This was the result of a turnaround in advertising sales, which suffered through 2023 on cautious corporate spending. Meta also saw more monetization for Instagram and Reels, alongside AI-fueled ad targeting and measurement that offered a boost in Q4.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Meta’s earnings, though, was the announcement of the company’s first-ever dividend payout. On March 26, investors will receive a cash dividend of 50 cents per share. This dividend announcement was coupled with the authorization of a $50 billion share buy-back program.

The company spent the majority of last year honing its profitability, cutting the workforce by 22%. The extra cash coming from the year of efficiency won’t just go back to investors, though. It will be reinvested into AI capabilities for both users and businesses. The company has already made plans to spend between $30 billion and $37 billion this year.

For the current quarter, Meta expects revenue in the $34.5 billion to $37 billion range. This is well above the $33.9 billion analysts are expecting. 

However, Mark Zuckerberg and CFO Susan Li both warned of uncertainty surrounding the future, which sparked slight concern. The next 5-10 years will be volatile, with risk factors ranging from geopolitical to regulatory to tech innovation.

That being said, Meta has proven to be a resilient company time and time again. All this news has sent shares towards a record high, up more than 20% today and now 35% through the first month of 2024.

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