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VectorVest is the only service that analyses, sorts, ranks and graphs over 1,700 ASX shares daily for Value, Safety and Timing and gives a Buy, Sell or Hold recommendation on every share, every day.

The extraordinarily accurate VectorVest market timing system helps you buy low and sell high for consistent profits. VectorVest is the only service that combines a stock analysis system with Market Timing to tell you when to buy, what to buy and when to sell for more profitable investment decisions.

Amazing Performance!
The top 5 shares selected by our Precision Trading Systems Stalwarts SC search outperformed the ASX20 by 70+% since January 2014. This search finds shares with the best combination of Value, Safety and Timing while displaying steady price growth persistence.

Stalwarts SC Search vs the ASX 20 chart

This chart shows the outstanding performance of the top 5 shares chosen by out Stalwarts SC search on the VectorVest's system as at 02 January 2014. Our shares gained 70+% while the ASX 20 gained 9.90% during the 15 month period ending 9 April 2015.

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VectorVest does the following for your shares every trading day:

  • Applies an exact value for every stock every day and thus ranks all the shares according to their Relative Value, Safety and Timing.
  • Measures the trend and the strength of the trend for the entire market.
  • Generates clear BUY and SELL signals for every share, every day.
  • Integrates the fundamentals of your shares and its technical position into a single master indicator. YOU WILL FIND WINNERS WITH A MOUSE CLICK.

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Get clear Buy, Sell and Hold ratings on over
1,700 ASX shares.
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