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BUY NOW PAY LATER Written by: Robert and Russell Markham Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) companies are running hard! You cannot read any stock commentary these days without the likes of Afterpay Touch (APT.AX) and Zip Co Ltd (Z1P.AX) being mentioned. So why all the excitement and interest? No doubt, a big part of this […]

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SEEKING YIELD IN THE CURRENT MARKET. Written by: Robert and Russell Markham Investors are seeking yield! The bank term deposits are now not keeping up with inflation. The best 12-month term deposit rate I could find was 1.46% from judobank (spelled exactly like that, all being lower case). The best long-term rate I could find […]

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UPCOMING EARNINGS Written by: Robert and Russell Markham The earnings season is upon us. Will earnings surprise to the upside? The consensus says unlikely. As such, we need to be prepared to protect our portfolios accordingly. For this week, I want to concentrate on key warning signs to look for what will give us a […]

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Warnings Signs to protect your portfolio

Warnings Signs to protect your portfolio   Could you have foreseen Covid 19 back in January this year and what impact it was to have had on the market?  I for one could not have foreseen it.  In fact, I have not run into anyone that clearly saw the disaster coming.  It was a totally […]

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VectorVest Q&A: July 15th recording

Did you miss the Q&A session on Wednesday the 15th of July?  Good news… we have the recording for you! The Q&A session was well attended and covered plenty of great topics including: Market timing across Australia, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, Canada and UK. Covered which Oil and Gas stocks are currently performing? We […]

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