Learn To all our new subscribers (and our existing subscribers who would like a refresher on some of our key resources). Welcome to VectorVest! I have compiled 10 key resources to ensure you get the most out of VectorVest:

Resource 1:  Logging in for the First Time – The Welcome Email

Keep a lookout for your Welcome email.  It should appear per the image below.  Per step 1: Download and install the software.  Click on the link in your email to setup your user name and password.  Now you are ready to login!

The link to install VectorVest is:  www.vectorvest.com/download

Once you have installed VectorVest, double click on the desktop icon and log in using your email and the password you just setup.

If you need to reset your password:  CLICK HERE

If you are having any difficulty logging in, reset your password per the link above.  Your user name will be the email you registered when you took out the trial.

If you are still having any issues, please contact us per Resource 2.

Resource 2:  Contact Us

If you are having any issues, please contact our support team.  You can contact support,  Australia Toll free on: 1800 303 782 Our current times are as follows

Sydney time equivalent:

Monday 21:00 ———–Tuesday 13:00

Tuesday 21:00  ———-Wednesday 13:00

Wednesday 21:00——–Thursday 13:00

Thursday 21:00 ———-Friday 13:00

Friday 21:00————–Saturday 13:00


Yes, you read that correctly, 9pm on Monday night (Sydney time equivalent) – right through to 1pm (Sydney time equivalent) the next day (16 hours).  Then from 9pm on Tuesday night through until 1pm on Wednesday…. etc.  The hours vary on Saturday and Sunday.  We do this since we cover both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.  Also, some of our subscribers do stay up to the late hours to trade the US market and Europe – where our support team is open to assist with questions.  Our team can help you with all aspects related to the application of VectorVest. Alternatively, you can email our support team:  [email protected] If possible, it is best to call our support team as you will get a faster response and any further questions can be answered on the spot, giving you time to get on and enjoy VectorVest!

Resource 3:  Access your additional countries!

When clicking on the VectorVest icon to load up VectorVest, keep a lookout for your second country.  Simply click on the given flag and enter in your user name and password – this time VectorVest will load up but the data will be for the given country you have clicked on.  You have access to Australia, Canada, Europe and U.K – at all times.  It is part of your trial and will be part of your subscription.  Tremendous value on offer!

Resource 4:  Join the VectorVest Australia Online Investment Club

The VectorVest Australia Online Investment Club has some tremendous content covered each month.  This is a great opportunity for you to meet other investors who are using VectorVest to talk about what is working best and to share ideas.

Ensure you sign up for the upcoming meetings.  Meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of each month.

CLICK HERE to see the upcoming meetings.  Sing up to them all!

Resource 5:  Keep it Simple to begin with

Here is a great video on how to use the system in a short concise manner:  CLICK HERE to see the resource which entail a video too. In addition, here are some other very short posts with videos to demonstrate some key aspects to VectorVest:

    • The Correlation Between Earnings and Dividends:  CLICK HERE
    • How to find Dividend Paying Stocks – CLICK HERE
    • The 4 Steps to Protecting Profits:  CLICK HERE
    • One of our more recent Question and Answer sessions where a lot of powerful techniques to making money with VectorVest: CLICK HERE

Resource 6:  Check out the training Resources

Once logged in to VectorVest, take some time to go through the Welcome tab and view the three videos. Welcome Tab Then take a look at the Training tab.  The training videos are essential if you want to get the most out of VectorVest.  The time to watch all 5 videos is less than 1.5 hours in total.  You may wish to do 1 video every 5 days or so and practice what you learn in the videos.

Resource 7:  The VectorVest Blog

Get some the latest and greatest techniques from the VectorVest blog!  To access the VectorVest blog, simply go to www.vectorvest.com.au/blog

Resource 8:  Keep an eye on upcoming events and webinars

To keep an eye on upcoming event and webinars.  You can also access the recently recorded webcasts from around the world per the Webcast archives!  To do so, in VectorVest Australia, locate the events tab (which is the lower left of your Home Page and identify the events coming up along with the recordings!  We will also email out reminders to live events along with recordings.

                                                                        Click on the image above to enlarge

Resource 9:  Keep an Eye on the Model Portfolios!

Some the best techniques have been applied to our model portfolios we track in VectorVest for education purposes!  Do you only like to only make a trade every couple of years?  You may want to check out the ETF Model Portfolio.  The 10 Stock Model Portfolio has continued to power and backtesting has proven how this portfolio settings withstood the GFC!  The SMSF Balanced Portfolio has been performing since 2012.  For those of you who like a conservative type approach, the Safe and Sure portfolio may be the one you take a closer look at.  The Income Portfolio has been powering on year in and year out!

                                                            Click on the image above to enlarge

Resource 10:  Schedule a Free Training Session!

Once you have acquainted yourself  with VectorVest using the above steps, take advantage of our Free Training Sessions.  Our team can walk you through the system one on one and help you with any specific questions you may have, whether it be building a watch-list through to taking advantage of our colour guard system.  Book our session via the Welcome tab per the screenshot below:  

Click on the image above to enlarge

We know you will get so much out of VectorVest.  Take the time to look through our resources and get yourself in a position to start making money in the market, year in and year out!



Russell Markham

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